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JANA Public Relations is a boutique firm with a dynamic combo of NYC experience, Hollywood relationships and a Miami home base with global clientele. 

Our clients range from established brands looking to stay on top, to up and coming brands looking to take their businesses to the next level. 

At JANA, we work on a variety of projects for our clients, some of which include: print, online and TV press pitches, celebrity gifting, photo shoots, branding, event management, social media management, partnership negotiation and advising on opportunities, among others. We use a modern PR strategy that includes simple, quality pitches and organic messaging that lands placements in top media outlets. Each client receives personalized attention and a customized plan for each project, each photo shoot, each event and each pitch. Our technique is holistic – looking at every aspect to determine what can be improved and what strategies can be implemented. We believe our unique way of working is what allows us to successfully meet goals and create growth. 

From celebrities to print to blogs, our clients are consistently featured on the top fashion, lifestyle, beauty and news outlets around the world. Our strong relationships with media influencers and editors, prompt replies and our reputation for working with quality clients have made our firm the first to be called when a media opportunity arises.

JANA Public Relations helps it’s clientele attract new business, create “buzz,” establish credibility, increase worth and value and put its business in front of the right people. There’s no better, more authentic way to build YOUR brand!