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JANA Public Relations was built based on love and passion for assisting entrepreneurs gain media exposure and grow their business.  At JANA, we work with talent within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. Our dynamic combination of having NYC experience, Hollywood relationships and a Miami home base builds strong relationships with editors, stylists and celebrities. JANA works closely with print magazines, online sites, celebrities and influencers to have clients consistently featured by top fashion, lifestyle, beauty and news outlets. Combining our creativity, energy and forward-thinking we create powerful and effective communication programs. We let our work speak for itself, take pride in our strong work ethic, ability to always be unique and the quality of the clientele we represent.


About the Founder 

Jana Glowatz has a decade of experience in Public Relations, specializing in VIP Relations, Influencer Partnerships, Press Management, Special Projects and Event Curation.

Having represented both corporate and emerging brands, she found interest in helping to create genuine and recognizable identities. Her passion is people, and strongly believes that relationships, communication and creativity are the driving force behind the success of a business.​​