Jana Glowatz has over a decade of experience in public relations, specializing in celebrity dressing, influencer collaborations, press management, brand building and event curation. Her vast knowledge has allowed her to expertly represent both big and small brands and create a genuine and easily recognizable identity for them. Glowatz has the ability to recognize a unique story angle or quality that makes a brand stand out, allowing her to weave together a compelling and relatable story to convey to the media and consumers. Her passion is assisting other entrepreneurs in achieving their goals and making their dreams become a reality. 

JANA Public Relations is a boutique full-service public relations and communications agency based in Los Angeles, CA. Led by industry veteran Jana Glowatz, we are an internationally known firm servicing global clientele with a focus on lifestyle, wellness, fashion and beauty. JANA Public Relations was established in 2013 to specifically be a boutique agency in order to give our clients the attention we believe they deserve.

Our media and PR plan is completely customized for each client allowing us to successfully meet goals and create growth. We take a modern approach by carefully curating a strategy for all of our client's needs. The long-standing relationships we have established with notable media, celebrities and tastemakers are invaluable; they have come to trust that the brands and stories we bring to them are always of a certain caliber.   

As modern media continues to evolve and change the PR landscape, JANA stays ahead of the curve with innovative, out-of-the-box thinking, adapting new strategies and executing them accordingly to the times we are living in.